Updates to the H-Podcast Resources Tab

Yelena Kalinsky Discussion

Dear H-Podcast subscribers,

We have updated the H-Podcast's Resources tab. In addition to the podcast roundup and podcast production resource pages, we've now got the beginnings of a bibliography of podcast research and links to teaching resources. There's an article by Africa Past & Present host Peter Alegi reflecting on his experiences producing the podcast with co-host Peter Limb in an effort to increase mainstream knowledge of Africa in the US. There's also a white paper from the Carnegie Mellon Office of Technology for Education about educational podcasts, both for course materials and assignments. That one has some very helpful diagrams of the technical components of podcasting and explanations of podcast feeds.

If you have suggestions for the network's resources pages, please post them to the network by clicking the orange "Start a discussion" button on H-Podcast's front page or reply directly to this post.