Summer Plans and Introducing Our New Podcast & Digital Media Intern

Yelena Kalinsky Discussion

Greetings podcast enthusiasts!

Yelena here. A quick programming note to let you know about some of the things we've got going on at H-Podcast this summer. We hope to bring you more useful content on podcast production, podcasts in the classroom, and podcasts in academic life. If you've browsed the network site recently, you will have noticed that the Academic Podcast Roundup has grown to 108 academic podcasts in 30 different categories(!). Subscribers to H-Podcast can now submit new listings themselves by navitating to the Links tab at the top of the page and clicking Add a Link. Please share with any academic podcast producers you know and make sure they subscribe to the network to submit their shows to the roundup.

We've also been adding resources to the network's Resources tab. There you can find all kinds of rabbit holes links to free audio sources, production tutorials, recording and editing software, and more. We'll keep updating these as the collective knowledge on the network grows. If you have a resource to share or a question that's sure to generate ideas, go ahead and click the orange Start a Discussion button on the front page and we'll link to any treasures that emerge. I'd personally like to see more teaching resources for podcasting projects and classroom activities, so if you've got em, please share em.

Finally, I am very excited to introduce Jessica Kukla, our Podcast & Digital Media Intern at H-Net this summer. Jessica is a Media & Information-Video/Audio Production and Professional Writing-Editing & Publishing double major here at Michigan State. She's already been helping me edit episodes of The Art of the Review and will be on deck to help with developing projects on the network.

Which brings me to you, the network subscribers. What would you like to see in this space? The H-Net Commons has the capacity to publish and make freely available essays and reviews, build crowd-sourced projects and organize discussions. We can help H-Net editors develop and produce podcasts for their networks. If you have an idea for H-Podcast or if you'd like to get more involved by becoming an editor or help build a specific resource for the network, tell us by replying to this post or emailing the editors at We would love to hear from you.