Call for Proposals to the Amplify Podcast Network (Spring 2023)

Robert Cassanello (he/him/his) Discussion

Kim Fox,
Call for Proposals to the Amplify Podcast Network (Spring 2023)

The Amplify Podcast Network is inviting proposals for new podcasts to join our Sustain stream. This is our first open call for proposals; we will be accepting a maximum of two to four podcasts to join the network, to be chosen through consultation with the Amplify editorial board. 

Amplify is a scholarly podcast network that encourages collaboration and experimentation via the medium of scholarly podcasting, with a focus on podcasts committed to anti-racism, feminist social justice, and community-building. For more on the network, please consult our mandate. We are open to podcasts on a wide range of topics within the humanities and social sciences, but podcasts will be selected for inclusion in the network based on our guiding editorial values: commitment to critical pedagogy and open scholarship. We are open to proposals for new podcasts or new seasons of existing podcasts. For more on submissions, please read our submission guidelines. Submission deadline is Sunday April 30th (Midnight ET/Toronto).

Podcasts submitted to the Sustain stream will: 
- appear as open access publications on the Amplify Podcast Network website
- will be able to take advantage of cross-promotion with other shows in the network, and 
- will be invited to join Amplify’s community of practice. 

The podcasts in the Sustain stream are not peer reviewed and do not carry the imprint of WLU Press. For inquiries about the Resonate stream, please contact WLU Press senior editor Siobhan McMenemy

For inquiries and submissions, contact the Amplify Podcast Network at