History Podcast Special Issue

Robert Cassanello (he/him/his) Discussion

Greetings all,

I approached the journal The History Teacher about either a special issue or a section in an upcoming edition on podcasts and the history classroom or something like that. They are interested in this. I thought this could be an opportunity for H-Podcast to get involved if any subscribers are interested. I know many of us who joined either use or create podcasts in the classroom. The only draw back might be the history angle, but if you are interested something pedagogical that explores podcasts broadly obviously would work. 

We could use H-Podcast to share ideas between the authors and subscribers too. At this point I was thinking we could use people that can write something about using history podcasts in the classroom as the instructor or people who have their students create podcasts in the classroom. I might be missing some important angle so please inform me about other more interesting directions we can take.

We would have to come up with some kind or proposal to the editor board by August of 2016 so we have the summer to hammer this out.

If you are interested let me know. Be sure to email me at robert.cassanello@ucf.edu