Breaking History podcast- Episode 4: Easter Rising Anniversary Roundtable

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Breaking History: A World History podcast
Episode 4: Easter Rising Anniversary Roundtable

Join Northeastern University Graduate Students Matt Bowser, Bridget Keown, and James Robinson as we discuss the Easter Rebellion that sparked the Irish War of Independence, and whose 100 Anniversary just passed. We discuss some of the recent scholarship, the rising in World History, the role of women in the Easter Rising and their writing out of the history, Ireland and British settler-colonialism, and the Limerick Soviets. We touch briefly on the articles going around the internet about "Irish slavery" and the rebuttal. We wrap about Roger Casement and his diary, and the what-if of the Easter Rising.

Books on Easter Rising mentioned in the podcast:
Ireland And The First World War
by David Fitzpatrick…_version=service

1916: A Global History
by Keith Jeffery

1916: Ireland's Revolutionary Tradition 
by Kieran Allen…_version=service

At Home in the Revolution: What Women Said and Did in 1916
by Lucy McDiarmid…_version=service

How the Irish Became White
by Noel Ignatiev…_version=service

News item discussed:
Two Cities, One Book: Dublin & Belfast Read Fallen by Lia Mills…in-belfast/

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