H-Podcast Call for Network Editor

Robert Cassanello (he/him/his)'s picture

H-Podcast is currently looking for a new network editor to join its team! H-Podcast is a network that examines podcasting as a form, medium, system for content creation and delivery as well as a theory and movement. The network has produced several podcasts, hosts an index of podcasts, generates reviews and discussions, and provides relevant resources.

Network editors oversee the day-to-day operations of a network, including moderating posts and discussions, adding subscribers, and answering questions submitted by users. The H-Net Commons allows for the development and facilitation of digital humanities projects, either specific to a network or through collaboration across networks. As we prepare to unveil the newest version of the Commons, network editors will have access to both new and updated tools to make executing these projects easier. Network editors are not required to develop DH projects, but we welcome prospective editors with a project in mind or with good ears and eyes for recognizing where such a project could be useful.

As an editor, you will be part of a well-established academic nonprofit and engage with students, scholars, and professionals within an emerging subfield of scholarly communications and from a wide variety of backgrounds. Editors become pros in project management by keeping up on the regular tasks that the position entails to executing larger projects. Network editors play a critical role in scholarly communications and knowledge dissemination within their networks and beyond. They also hone their critical thinking, problem solving, and discernment skills as they follow H-Net and network-specific guidelines and moderate debates and discussions.

Are you interested in joining the H-Podcast team? If so, please contact Robert Cassanello at robert.Cassanello@ucf.edu with any questions. To apply, prospective editors must be nominated by a member of the H-Podcast editorial team and submit an application that includes a brief letter expressing interest and relevant skills and experiences.

Editors serve for two-year terms, which can be renewed, and undergo some training before beginning their positions. H-Net’s Home Office staff can also provide editors with assistance on things like social media, graphic design, tech support, and advice on following guidelines and policies.