Yelena Kalinsky Departure

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It is sad news in that I am to report that Yelena Kalinsky will be leaving H-Net and H-Podcast in the coming weeks. Yelena and I started H-Podcast years ago in an attempt the elevate the academic dialog of podcasts and podcasting when there seemed to be no one in the academy embracing that important conversation. Yelena and I imagined that digital space at H-Net which included a Podcast Reviews Program which we have been able to realize. If you are here for these reasons and enjoy the dialog that takes place at this Network, please thank Yelena here as she sets forth on her new journey and a new career. Her shoes at H-Podcast will be hard to fill.

With all this said please consider joining the H-Podcast editorial team. We put this call for editors out recently. Join us as we continue this important mission to bring the discussion of podcasts and podcasting to an academic audience. 



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Thank you for the kind words, Robert. I've enjoyed my time at H-Podcast very much and encourage anyone interested in shaping the network's future to go ahead and apply to become an editor! And if you have questions, please feel free to reach out: yelena [at]

All best,