Announcing the new Resources tab

Jesse Draper - Associate Director, Networks Discussion

Greetings H-Net subscribers!

We are pleased to announce the release of the Resources tab, which is now located at the top of all of our Networks. Prior to the release, there was a Media tab that chronologically aggregated all of the contributions uploaded to a particular Network. While the Media tab clearly had some basic archival value, with the development of many diverse projects making use of this material on our Networks, editors asked for a better way to organize that content. The Resources tab is the fruit of those aims.

We have created more detailed Resource tab pages with descriptions and directions for both editors and subscribers at the Editor Resources and Help Desk Networks respectively. Check them out to get a better understanding of how those pages are put together and how to fill them up with new Network projects.

*Please note that the Project Category pages (such as Teaching Resources) will begin to populate with content as editors categorize new and existing content to make it appear on them.