Possible Podcasts for Review

Greetings all, I am trying to compile a list of possible podcast series we could review on H-Podcast. We have a draft of review guidelines we'll share soon. But in the meantime share with me podcasts you think should get reviewed. The reviews will be part of the H-Reviews program at H-Net. 

Let us know any podcasts that would merit a review or let us know what you think might be a critera we should consider when selecting podcasts to review. 

New Books in Literary Studies podcast: THE METAMORPHOSES of MYTH in FICTION since 1960, by Kathryn Hume

Why do contemporary writers use myths from ancient Greece and Rome, Pharaonic Egypt, the Viking north, Africa’s west coast, and Hebrew and Christian traditions? What do these stories from premodern cultures have to offer us?

Breaking History Podcast @ Northeastern University: "COVID-19 in Context: Histories of the Present"

Check out our latest episode of the Breaking History podcast, "COVID-19 in Context: Histories of the Present" by the Northeastern University History Graduate Student Association! Here we have Adam Tomasi, a history PhD student, Molly Nebiolo, a PhD candidate, Dr. James Robinson, a recent graduate, and Dr. Bridget Keown, lecturer at Pitt and Northeastern grad alum! In the podcast we talk about the historical underpinnings of the pandemic and how COVID-19 affects our work as scholars and teachers.


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