The Art of the Review Show Notes for Episode 10 Reviewing Translations

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In this episode, Robert and Yelena speak with Paolo Giordano, the Neil E. Euliano Distinguished Professor of Italian and Italian American Studies at the University of Central Florida about some things to consider when reviewing translated works. While few H-Net networks regularly review works of translations, a recent review on H-Buddhism did consider the issue of translation and cultural context:

  • John Jorgensen. Review of Heine, Steven, Zen Koans. H-Buddhism, H-Net Reviews. May, 2015.
    • Link to the review on the H-Net Commons

Yelena also mentioned other readings on reviewing translations, including the frequent comparison of first lines:

  • David Remnick, "The Translation Wars," The New Yorker, November 7, 2005.
    • Link to the online version on the New Yorker website
  • Suad Khatab Ali, review of Oliver Ready's new translation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment, New York Journal of Books.
    • Link at the New York Journal of Books
  • Arlice Davenport, review of Oliver Ready's new translation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime and PunishmentThe Wichita Eagle, July 12, 2015.
    • Link at The Wichita Eagle

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