The Art of the Review Show Notes for Episode 1 Welcome

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In this very first episode of The Art of the Review, listeners meet Robert Cassanello, Associate Professor of History at University of Central Florida and H-Net’s Vice President of Research & Publications; Yelena Kalinsky, Managing Editor of H-Net Reviews and H-Net’s Associate Director for Reviews; and H-Net copyeditors Basia Nowak and Charlotte Weber.

Some links to help listeners navigate H-Net, H-Net Reviews, and this podcast, The Art of the Review:


There are two places to read recent and archived H-Net Reviews:

  • On the H-Net CommonsClick the Reviews tab to view all recent reviews or navigate to a network at the All Networks link at the top of the page.
  • The archives at H-Net ReviewsAll nearly 40,000 reviews published by H-Net Reviews are archived here. Browse by network (list) and date, or use the Advanced Search link in the left sidebar to find a specific review.

The Art of the Review will appear regularly on H-Net’s new podcast network, H-Podcast. We hope that the network will become a place for listeners, producers, teachers, and anyone with an interest to discuss the aesthetic, academic, pedagogic, and technical aspects of podcasts and podcasting. Be sure to subscribe to the network to receive email notifications and updates when new episodes are posted, or to contribute to the discussion.

In future episodes, we may be referring to H-Net's Reviews StandardsReviews Guidelines, and Style Sheet. You can find all of these over at the Reviews home page.


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And finally, listeners interested in a review editor can read about the process and apply here.


The Art of the Review was produced by Robert Cassanello and Yelena Kalinsky and sponsored by H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences Online and the University of Central Florida's Center for Humanities & Digital Research.