The Art of the Review Show Notes for Episode 26 Welcome to the Book Channel

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This special episode of The Art of the Review features an interview with Jeremy D. Popkin, Professor of History at the University of Kentucky, about his book From Herodotus to H-Net: The Story of Historiography, published with Oxford University Press in 2015. Popkin made himself available for an interview with H-Net about the book and Robert talked to him about the development of historical inquiry during the last 25 years.

In a way, writing the "story of historiography" is a form of reviewing the field, and so for this episode, we also asked Popkin to identify the five historians and their works that he thinks all history students should know. His list of top five is the first of what we hope will be a recurring series on the H-Net Book Channel. We would like to invite The Art of the Review listeners to subscribe to the Book Channel for news and information about new academic books and academic publishing, and to hear future Book Channel podcasts we think H-Net subscribers will enjoy.

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