The Art of the Review Show Notes for Episode 22 The Voice of the Reviewer

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In this episode, Robert speaks with Michael Munnik, Lecturer in Social Science Theories and Methods at Cardiff University and review editor for H-SAE, the H-Net network associated with the Society for the Anthropology of Europe, a section of the American Anthropological Association focusing on European communities and contexts. In their conversation, Michael touched on an experience of editing a non-native English speaker and provided some advice for preserving the reviewer's voice in such a situation. We would be glad to hear from listeners who have found themselves on either side of such a review situation and how they responded to it in the comments below. 

The review under discussion was Anastasiya Astapova's review of  David Picard and Sonja Buchberger, eds., Couchsurfing Cosmopolitanisms: Can Tourism Make a Better World?, published on H-SAE and H-Net Reviews, April 2014. Link on the Commons.

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