Education and Migration: [Online] Publication and Grant Writing Workshop for Asia-based Early Career Researchers

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Call for participants

To apply: Please submit your expression of interest here (Google Form). Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, until 16 November 2020.

Education and migration are pressing issues in this era of transnational mobilities and of great concern to countries in Asia. However, publications and researchers from the ‘Global North’ have dominated the fields of sociology of education and migration studies. With regards to Asia, such issues are relatively well-published in local and regional journals, including in local, non-English languages. By contrast, internationally recognised published research by scholars who are based in Asia is relatively scarce. This is a missed opportunity for wider scholarship and for better understanding of the pertinent issues surrounding education and migration in Asia.

As a step towards developing and promoting the scholarship of Asia-based early career researchers (ECRs), we are organising a week-long online publication and grant writing workshop from 14th to 18th December 2020. The workshop will run from 16:00 to 17:30 (GMT +8) each day.

The workshop programme will include a mix of presentations and interactive sessions, such as:

  • Presentations from experienced journal editors and successful grant recipients
  • Presentations from funding organisations
  • Small group writing surgeries
  • Small group discussions

The workshop will be organised into two parts.

Part A: Publications (14-16 Dec 2020)

Part B: Grant proposals (17-18 Dec 2020)

Day 1: Talk on “The state of academic publishing” and “What editors looks for”

Speaker: Dr. Paul Kratoska

Day 4: Presentations on “funding opportunities” and “how to craft a successful grant application”

Speakers: Dr Susanne Rentzow-Vasu, Dr. Wee Chan Au

Day 2: Facilitated small group discussion based on themes

Facilitators: Dr. Sin Yee Koh, Dr. Cora Xu, Dr. Melissa Wong

Day 5: Writing surgery

Facilitators: Dr. Sin Yee Koh, Dr. Cora Xu, Dr. Melissa Wong, Dr. Wee Chan Au

Day 3: Writing surgery

Facilitators: Dr. Paul Kratoska, Dr. Sin Yee Koh, Dr. Cora Xu, Dr. Melissa Wong


The network established at the workshop will be nurtured and sustained through post-workshop activities such as the workshop website (where resources and opportunities will be shared) and regular writing communities conducted online.

We invite expressions of interest from Asia-based ECRs who are conducting qualitative research that is broadly related to the fields and themes of education and/or migration from a social science perspective.

Applicants should:

  • be able to participate in the online programme using Zoom;
  • commit to participating in either Part A or Part B of the programme (Note: Participants are welcome to join both Part A and Part B of the programme.)
  • be current PhD students or within ten years of PhD completion (completed between 2010 and 2020);
  • be fluent in English;
  • be prepared to submit one working paper (either a journal article or a grant application) before the workshop; and
  • commit to submit at least one article to an international journal or one grant application, within 15 months of the workshop.

The organising committee will select 15-20 participants from the received expressions of interest. In making the selection, the committee will also strive to ensure a balance of diversity.

Please submit your expression of interest here (Google Form). Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, until 16 November 2020.

Please note that this workshop is structured in a participatory style and will require all participants to engage in the activity of writing and working on the draft which you have sent in, as well as participating in small group discussions. This workshop is free for participants; however, we will require active participation during the workshop.


For further details and updates on the workshop, please visit the workshop website


Email enquiries can be sent to


Organising committee:

Dr. Sin Yee Koh, Monash University Malaysia

Dr. Cora Xu, Durham University

Dr. Melissa Wong, Monash University Malaysia