New Issue of Situations (vol.13 no.2 2020) "North Korea as Exception," Now Online!

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The latest issue of Situations: Cultural Studies in the Asian Context is out! Our journal currently presents its content as open-access scholarship. This issue “North Korea as Exception,” is also available to read online at







Introduction: North Korea as Exception

by Peter Y. Paik


Comrade Kim Goes Global: Refiguring North Korean Cinema in a Global Context

by Dong Hoon Kim


Comedian Comedy: The Intertextuality of North Korean Film Culture

by Immanuel Kim


Reality Effects for a Dangerous Age: Projecting North Korean Youth on the International Screen

by Douglas Gabriel


Speaking Mouth, Writing Hand: The English-Language Autobiographies of North Korean Defectors and the Concept of Author Vocal-Writing

by Eun Ah Cho


Computing in Our Style: Information Technology and Juche Ideology in Cold War North Korea

by Benoit Berthelier


Stumbling with the Digital: On the Work of Kang Jungsuck

by Seunghan Paek


A Hong Kong Critique of Identity: Belonging and Becoming in the Aberrant Post-Colony

by Stephen Ching-Kiu Chan



Review Articles


Review of Adil Johan, Cosmopolitan Intimacies: Malay Film Music of the Independence Era (Singapore: National University of Singapore Press, 2018)

by Peter J. Bloom


Review of Jinah Kim, Postcolonial Grief: The Afterlives of the Pacific Wars in the Americas (Durham: Duke University Press, 2019)

by Hayana Kim



For your information, Situations: Cultural Studies in the Asian Context is an international journal published twice a year on March 31 and September 30, covering cultural studies in the Asian context. We welcome articles that cover topics related to the distinct regions and cultures of the continent. While we are based in Northeast Asia and many of the articles we have published have come from scholars working in this region, we seek to examine issues of significance in a wider Asian context that includes Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union, and West Asia (the Middle East). The subject of cultural studies is understood to include both the traditional forms of the novel, poetry and drama and the newer cultural forms of television and film, advertising and fashion, social structures and habitus. We are interested in the issues of ideology, class, nation, race and ethnicity, sexuality and gender, technology; and we follow developments in stylistics and semiotics, history, philosophy and science, feminist and queer theory, social and political theory, literary, film and media studies, museum and art history studies.


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