Asia’s New Ruralities | Online Conference @ University of Vienna | 12-13 August 2020

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Dear list members,

I would like to draw your attention to the following online conference at the 12th and 13th of August (starting at 17:00 JST | 10:00 CEST), organized by the Japanese Studies, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna:

Asia’s New Ruralities
Online Conference @ University of Vienna | 12-13 August 2020
The conference is open to all, and no prior registration is required.

The conference addresses the complexity of rural change and decline in the context of debates on globalization and power differences. Therefore, it questions the heuristic value of the rigid boundaries of urban/rural, progressive/backwardly, modern/traditional, here/there and even human/non-human at a time when rural areas are standing at the crossroads of globalization. Case studies from coastal fishery, mountainous villages, remote islands, metropolitan farming communities, and seed cultivation demonstrate that the countryside in Asia is exhibiting new characteristics that are driven by structural changes and complex translocal relations on a global scale.

Conference Programme:

I - Wednesday, 12 August - 10:00~13:00 (CEST)
Welcoming remarks (10:00~10:30) | Wolfram Manzenreiter
Session 1 (10:30~11:30) | "contested and cared-for"
        Presentation 1 | Contested Ruralities in Japan: Discussing (Well-)Being in Aso, Kumamoto | Dionyssios Askitis, Stefan Hundsdorfer,
        Sebastian Polak-Rottmann
        Presentation 2 | Local Economies of Care: The Impact of Demographic Changes on Social Welfare in Rural Japan | Isaac Gagné
Session 2 (11:45~12:45) | "evictions and attractions"
        Presentation 3 | Wang Chau Village: (Non-)Indigenous Wisdom, Amidst Eviction | Michael Leung
        Presentation 4 | Wine Tourism and Rural Revitalization in Yamanashi | Hanno Jentzsch

II - Thursday, 13 August - 10:00~13:00 (CEST)
Session 3 (10:00~11:30) | "farming land, sea and city"
        Presentation 5 | From ‘Landraces’ to ‘Native Crops’: Transformation of Social Values of Farmers’ Varieties in South Korea | Heesun Hwang
        Presentation 6 | New Marinalities of Japanese Fishing Villages | Sonja Ganseforth
        Presentation 7 | Urban Ecotopia? Young Farmers, Food Localism, and Cosmopolitanism in Postcolonial Hong Kong | Hao-Tzu Ho
Discussion (11:45~13:00) | Asia's New Ruralities - characteristics beyond the local/national/global divides

For more information on the conference and to join in, please visit
We hope to see you there!

Please also feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards from Vienna,
Florian Purkarthofer