New book announcement: "Christian Sorcerers on Trial"

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Dear Netters,

I am happy to share the news:

Fumiko Miyazaki, Kate Wildman Nakai, and Mark Teeuwen are delighted to announce the publication from Columbia University Press of Christian Sorcerers on Trial: Records of the 1827 Osaka Incident. The book translates and puts in context sources concerning the case of several women and men who were investigated and punished as Kirishitan in the early nineteenth century. The sources include the vivid testimonies of the principals and many of their associates, records of the deliberations among shogunal officials, rumors that circulated at the time, and later retellings.

The purported Kirishitan were all from Kyoto and Osaka; they had no connection with the better known “underground Christians” in Kyushu; and their practices were very different from those of the Kyushu villagers. The sources thus shed light on an aspect of the tangled legacy of Christianity in Tokugawa Japan that hitherto has not received that much attention. The materials provide as well a firsthand picture of Tokugawa judicial procedures along with multiple details of the nitty-gritty of life in early nineteenth-century Osaka and Kyoto. A further intriguing facet is that the Osaka official who pursued the investigation of the Kirishitan was Ōshio Heihachirō, famous for instigating an abortive uprising several years later.

For additional information about the volume, please see the dedicated page on the CUP website: 

Columbia offers a 30 percent discount to customers in the Americas and East Asia who order directly from the press: use the promotion code CUP30. Those in the UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and South Asia can receive the same discount by ordering from John Wiley and Sons ( and using the same promotion code. The discount is unfortunately not available to people in Australia and New Zealand, but they may obtain the book directly from Footprint Books ( ) in addition to Amazon and the other usual outlets. 

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