TOC Japan Forum 32.2

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We are pleased to announce the new issue of Japan Forum 32.2 is available online:


Featured Articles on the Meiji Area

Global Geographies of Meiji Japan: Two perspectives - - - - Catherine L. Phipps

Imagining an Islamic Japan: pan-Asianism’s encounter with Muslim mission - - - - Ulrich Brandenburg

Women, missionaries, and medical professions: the history of overseas female students in Meiji Japan - - - - Hiro Fujimoto


Featured Articles on Anti-discrimination legislation in Japan

From the (end of) Dōwa policies to (the start of) an anti-discrimination policy? - - - - Ian Neary

Contested liberation: the Japanese Communist Party, human rights groups, and the new anti-discrimination law - - - - Timothy D. Amos

New law or old issues: stakeholder expectations on the bill for the promotion of the elimination of Buraku discrimination - - - - Christopher Bondy


Individual Articles

Goblin spiders, ghosts of flowers and butterfly fantasies: Lafcadio Hearn’s transnational, transmedia and trans-species aesthetics of the weird - - - - Paul Manning

Institutional analysis of regionalism in Japan: a sociological case study from Owase, Japan - - - Sanada Kie


Bill Mihalopoulos – Japan Forum Chief Editor