Cambridge World History of Violence

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The Cambridge World History of Violence was published by Cambridge University Press in the UK as a four volume set on March 26, 2020. Publication in North America will follow in May. The series includes the following chapters specifically on Japan:


Volume 1 (The Prehistoric and Ancient Worlds), edited by G. Fagan, L. Fibiger, M. Hudson and M. Trundle:

‘The origins of violence and warfare in the Japanese islands’, Mark Hudson, Rick Schulting and Linda Gilaizeau


Volume 2 (500-1500 CE), edited by M. Gordon, R. Kaeuper and H. Zurndorfer:

‘Warrior regimes and the regulation of violence in medieval Japan’, David Spafford

‘Bandits and peasants in medieval Japan’, Morten Oxenboell

‘Buddhism and violence in premodern Japan’, Martin Repp

‘Revealing the manly worth: cut flesh in the heavenly disorder of medieval Japan’, Hitomi Tonomura


Volume 3 (1500-1800 CE), edited by R. Antony, S. Carroll and C. Pennock:

‘Samurai, masculinity and violence in Japan’, Constantine Vaporis


Volume 4 (1800 to the Present), edited by L. Edwards, N. Penn and J. Winter:

‘Violence and the Japanese empire’, Takashi Yoshida