CfP AAS Chicago 2015: The Transnational in East Asian Security

Lee Jones Discussion

CfP for the Association for Asian Studies conference, Chicago, 26-29 March 2015

The Transnational in East Asian Security

This panel seeks to depart from the traditional inter-state focus of mainstream security studies by examining the role of transnational forces, flows and actors in East and Southeast Asian security. Rather than focusing on great power rivalry or geostrategic issues, the panel explores three principal themes relating to ‘non-traditional’ security and its governance. First, how are intensifying transnational flows changing the nature of (in)security in this region? Second, how are state and non-state actors responding to try to manage these challenges? What new forms of governance are being promoted to contain and manage transboundary threats, and how are these challenging traditional, state-based governance and notions of sovereignty and non-interference? How is the nature of Asian statehood evolving accordingly? Third, what factors account for the outcomes of these governance projects? The panel invites participants addressing a diverse range of issues across East and Southeast Asia from any disciplinary perspective. Particularly welcome would be approaches that focus on how Asian states are transforming under globalisation and how this affects how security is defined and managed in practice.

Please send abstracts of 250 words to Lee Jones ( by 27 July 2014.