Conference: Entangled Im/Mobilities: Perspectives from the Humanities and Social Sciences

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The Research Platform Mobile Cultures and Societies, University of Vienna, is pleased to announce

Entangled Im/Mobilities: Perspectives from the Humanities and Social Sciences

Academic conference, 18-20 March 2021, Online

The conference covers a wide variety of topics and combines reflections from the humanities and the social sciences. One of its biggest aims is to explore how a nuanced view of entangled im/mobilities could reveal complex relations of meaning, shaped by geographic, cultural, historical and material contexts.  Furthermore, seeing mobility as closely entangled with immobility, a number of participants will explore how mobilities and immobilities interact and are co-produced.

The program includes twelve panel discussions, keynote lectures by Sara Upstone and Peter Adey, film screenings and a virtual art presentation, all open to the public upon registration.

To find out more about the conference program and how to register, visit:

We would be happy to see you in our virtual space!

Read on for the list of panels:

1. Von anderen Mobilitäten: Verkörperungen und Narrative zwischen Stillegung und Mobilisierung (in German)

2. Conceptualizing Entangled Im/Mobilities in Diverse Contexts

3. “Points of Entanglement” in and beyond the Caribbean

4. Entangled Im/Mobilities in and from Africa: Of Hubs, Networks and Literary Paths Abroad

5. Entangled Inequalities: Intersectional Approaches towards Public Health Crises

6. On the Move: Unraveling the Entanglements of Nonhuman Mobilities

7. Mobility Justice? Entangled Im/Mobilities in Climate and Environmental Change

8. Entangled Im/Mobilities in and from Africa: Of Journeys Spiritual, Accidental, Competitive and Shared

9. Shaping Im/Mobilities: Entanglements of Architecture, Infrastructure and Meaning

10. Im/Mobilities in the Experiences of Refugees, Asylum-Seekers and Migrants

11. Im/Mobilities in the Planetary Now: Migration and Diaspora in World Cinema

12. Transnational and Translingual Im/Mobilities


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