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Routed Magazine is currently seeking submissions on the theme of ‘Epidemics, labour and mobility’ for an issue to be published in June 2020.

We welcome contributions on professionals who need mobility to work and who, therefore, are significantly affected by the current crisis. Those professionals include migrant workers, cross-border workers, domestic workers, taxi drivers, street vendors, health sector professionals, hospitality workers, delivery drivers, and gig economy workers, among others. We also welcome articles on unemployed and/or homeless people who have been adversely affected by the crisis.

Testimonies by these professionals are also most welcome. We are particularly interested in publishing work that lifts up the voices of people on the move and exploring human (im)mobility in its many varied forms. We welcome analytical content as well as personal testimonies of experiences of mobility and immobility in the context of pandemics. We are also keen on receiving pieces that analyse current news about migration and (im)mobility, or reflect on cultural production related to these topics.

Routed is collaborating with the University of Oxford’s Centre on Migration, Policy & Society (COMPAS) to produce this edition. Some of the articles submitted to Routed may be republished in the COMPAS Coronavirus and Mobility Forum (in discussion with authors). Please see here for more information on the Forum.

Articles should address a broad audience, made of experts and non-experts, and should be originally written in English or Spanish. The deadline for proposals is 2nd May. If you are interested in proposing a submission for this issue, please send us a short abstract no longer than 250 words via email to:

The full Call for Submissions can be found on our website.