CfP (conference): The Migration Conference, 2-5 June 2020, Macedonia

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The Migration Conference
2-5 June 2020, Tetovo, N. Macedonia

Track: Migration and History

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It is a commonplace argument that the 21st century, despite major powers’ current protectionist policies concerning international trade and security, will be the century of the migrants. Still, global migrant mobilities and their consequences hark back to the incidents of the previous centuries in several instances. Most examples of today’s forced migration are the outcomes of long-term ethnic and religious conflicts. Imprints of the colonial period are also manifest in the contemporary migration movements to the former colonisers. Besides, today in most of the migration spaces income and wealth disparities between locals and migrants are at a historically breaking point. Especially the phenomenon of inequality alarms the historians drawing on social upheavals and ethnic conflicts of the past that emanated from economic turmoil. These aspects require historical inquiries to draw comparisons between the patterns of the past and current population movements.


With this rationale, this conference track aims at bringing new insights into the history of migration concerning the intersections between Eurasia, Africa and the Americas. It thus critically addresses migration narratives created from the perspectives of nation-states, political camps, migrant communities, as well as individuals. Below are some of the thematic subdivisions for panel and paper proposals:


Theoretical approaches to the history of migration: How to narrate the past?


Global and world history perspectives to migration


Representations of the past between migrant communities and hosting countries


History of the changing migration regimes


Histories of diasporas


Migration and labour: Industrialisation and labour migration to Europe and America


Migration history that originated in the labour agreements between Southern and Northern European countries 


Internal migration and urbanisation in nation states’ contemporary histories


Migration and conflict: Displacements caused by civil upheavals, international struggles, and the World Wars


Historical migration spaces between the Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East


Refugee routes in modern and contemporary history


Environmental changes, natural or human-caused disasters, and population movements in history  



Track Convener:
Caner Tekin, Ph.D., M.A.
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Zentrum für Mittelmeerstudien
Bergbaumuseum 31
D-44791 Bochum