CfP (conference): Asian Studies Association of Australia Conference 2018

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When senders of migrant workers are also receivers

Abstracts are invited for papers to join the following panel proposed for the Asian Studies Association of Australia conference, Sydney, July 3-5 2018.

The multi-directional nature of labour migration flows has resulted in an increasing number of countries having become both senders and receivers of migrants. But academic studies tend to identify countries according to a neat sending/receiving binary when in fact they are both. These states also tend to see themselves primarily as ‘senders’ and so prioritize policy development and implementation in response to the experience of outgoing migrants. In the process, these states often overlook legal obligations that they then have to incoming migrants, including migrant workers, refugees, international students and spouses. As part of an attempt to examine the phenomenon, this panel focuses on experiences in Asian countries. Papers will cover one or more of the following topics: migration patterns and related rights issues, regulatory frameworks for migration; and/or history of the sending/receiving binary’s role in migration policy.

Abstracts are due on 31 October 2017. Please send your abstract to panel convenor Dr Wayne Palmer (

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