Call for Reviewers! New Book Reviews section for H-Migration

Nicholas B. Miller Discussion

Dear colleagues,


My name is Nicholas Miller, the new Reviews Editor at H-Migration. I am currently working to re-launch H-Migration’s book review series, which will focus on the latest works in the history of migration, with attention to methodological and comparative debates. Along with individual book reviews, I will also be commissioning roundtable discussions of particularly important new works.


H-Net Reviews, an online scholarly review resource since 1993, offer several advantages to conventional journal reviews. As an online, barrier-less resource, your review will reach other readers quickly, be posted on our general listserv and be retrievable online without any form of pay-wall. We have no set limits of length, and your review will be rigorously proofread.


If you are interested in joining the conversation, either in the capacity of book reviewer or online roundtable discussant, please get in touch, even if you have already indicated your reviewing interests in your H-Net profile, by sending a CV, a brief bio, and a list of your thematic interests to


Do note that while H-Migration cannot accept offers to review specific books, I would welcome statements of interests concerning methodological or thematic turns that you would be particularly keen to address.


Best wishes,

Nicholas B. Miller