Invitation: IPSA World Congress Panel Submissions

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The Deadline for Abstracts for the IPSA World Congress in Buenos Aires, 15-19 July, 2023 is only one month away

We invite interested presenters to submit a proposal to the following panel:

Fit for Emergency? Care, social protection and the meanings of resilience in times of crisis


The COVID-19 pandemic allegedly presented an unprecedented opportunity to assess our collective ability to respond to external shocks and examine key mechanisms and practices for systemic resilience. Yet, as many observers have noted, there is little evidence we have learned the rights lessons from the pandemic. How to prepare for the next shock and ensure we have the necessary capacity for resilience? What were the tools, policies and mechanisms implemented during the pandemic that worked? What are the pandemic lessons we cannot ignore?

To explore such questions, this panel invites papers pertaining to the role of social protection and care in the overarching capacity for resilience, i.e. the ability to withstand, recover, and adapt to external shocks. Although there is no conceptual agreement on a definition of resilience and its indicators/measurements, prior research has typically cast social protection as a negative influence on resilience. In particular, the standard assumption is that vulnerable populations “slow down” attempts at recovery because they drain resources that could be deployed elsewhere. Building on the Covid-19 pandemic insight that “no one is safe until everybody is safe”, this panel explores the intersections between care, protection and resilience.

The panel invites both theoretical and empirical investigations that speak to:

 Social protection mechanisms beyond standard government interventions, during and post Covid-19 pandemic
 Empirical and theoretical explorations on the links between social resilience and social protection in the aftermath of major global emergencies
 Comparative exploration of social protection across countries and regions during and post Covid-19 pandemic, or other climate change-associated emergencies
 Social protections for vulnerable groups, such as migrants, during and post Covid-19 pandemic
 Informal systems of social protection during climate-related emergencies and/or in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic

The deadline for proposal submissions is 18 January 2023.

Interested presenters need to submit a 350-word abstract. All are welcome!