CfP (Book Chapters): African Diaspora in Turkey

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African Foundation aims to support and enhance African studies research and academic interest in Turkey. Along with a set of different academic and capacity building activities, African Foundation is happy to initiate this Book project aiming to publish the first collection of academic work related to the African Diaspora in Turkey.  

This project follows an interdisciplinary methodology and aims to include historical, social, cultural, economic and political dimensions related to the African Diaspora in Turkey. We aim through this work to understand: Do we have an African Diaspora in Turkey? How to define African Diaspora in Turkey? How and why did African Diaspora came to Turkey? What are the historical and political contexts of the movement towards Turkey? What was the favorable conditions supporting having an African Diaspora in Turkey? what are the barriers and challenges faced by African Diaspora in Turkey?...

The aim of this edited collection is to investigate the African Diaspora as a component of the Turkish society and in the frame of this work, we aim to cover different dimensions of the question related to the African diaspora in Turkey from an inter-disciplinary perspective. Each article will build on specific methodological and theoretical framework; hence, every part of the book will be interconnected and provide a piece of the general picture.

Themes could include but are not limited to:

  • Historical study of the African diaspora in Turkey
  • Political and foreign policy contexts
  • African Diaspora in Turkey: identity, memory and belonging
  • Representation of the African Diaspora in the Turkish Media
  • Representation of Africans in Turkish School textbooks
  • The social and cultural integration of African diaspora in Turkey
  • Economic aspects of African diaspora
  • Challenges faced by African Diaspora in Turkey


In order to facilitate the process, this tentative content was prepared. After finalizing the call for book chapters and based on the collected proposals, the content will be updated accordingly and will be shared with the selected authors.

  1. Introduction to the African Diaspora in Turkey
  1. Historical Background of the African Diaspora in Turkey
  2. Mapping African Diaspora in Turkey
  3. The role of the Turkish politics and foreign policy and African diaspora in Turkey
  4. The African-Turkish economic relation and the role of the African Diaspora Entrepreneurship 
  5. African Students in Turkey and the Scholarship Politics (The Turkish government scholarship program as a tool of soft power)
  6. Diaspora diplomacy: The politics of hosting Africans in Turkey
  7. The social acceptance of Africans in Turkey: The social Sympathy and the integration process
  1. Regional Analysis of The African Diaspora in Turkey
  1. Why do Africans come to Turkey?
  2. North-African Diaspora in Turkey and the Arab Spring
  3. West-African Diaspora in Turkey + sport politics
  4. Horn of Africa Crises and the flew to Turkey
  1. African Diaspora living in Turkey
  1. African Diaspora and the perception of the host community
  2. Public policies and the access to the public services for African Diaspora
  3. The perception of North African Diaspora after the Refugee crises in Turkey
  4. Barriers of the Black integration in Turkey
  5. The acculturation of Africans in Turkey (different case studies are possible: student groups, interracial marriages, living costumes… )


Chapters will include between 6,000 and 9,000 words (references included). The following structure is suggested, though authors should feel free to make adjustments that reflect their expertise: (1) abstract and Keywords, (2) Introduction, (3) Problem statement and literature review, (4) Methodology or research design, (5) Findings, analysis, or results with specific chapters (6) Discussion, limitations, future research, and conclusion, (7) References. Chapters will first be reviewed by volume editors, then by anonymous reviewers; authors of accepted chapters commit to reviewing anonymously and collegially up to two chapters written by different authors.

Please submit a one-page proposal along with a brief bio no later than 29 June 2022. If you select one of the proposed topics, please include the suggested methodology of work and the theoretical frameworks as well as the case study within the abstract.  


Abstract submission: 29-06-2022

Final Draft: 25-10-2022

Tentative Publication: 12-12-2022

Contact Info: 

Dr. Mehmet Köse


Phone number: +90 532 684 29 50

Dr. Asma Nairi