New Open Access Volume of Migration and Society (Vol. 5)

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The latest Open Access volume of Migration and Society has published! This volume's special section is on the role of ‘voluntariness’ in the governance of migration.

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Volume 5



Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh and Mette Louise Berg


I. Special Section: The Role of “Voluntariness” in the Governance of Migration.

Guest Editors: Reinhard Schweitzer, Rachel Humphris, and Pierre Monforte

Editorial Introduction: The Role of “Voluntariness” in the Governance of Migration

Reinhard Schweitzer, Rachel Humphris, and Pierre Monforte


Forced-Voluntary Return: An Intersectional Approach to Exploring “Voluntary” Return in Toronto, Canada

Tanya Aberman


“Voluntary Return” without Civil Society?: How the Exclusion of Nongovernment Actors from the Austrian and British Return Regimes Affects the Quality of Voluntariness

Reinhard Schweitzer


The Institutionalization of “Voluntary” Returns in Turkey

Zeynep S. Mencutek


From Vulnerability to Trust: Personal Encounters and Bordering Processes in the British Refugees Welcome Movement

Pierre Monforte and Gaja Maestri


Welcoming Acts: Temporality and Affect among Volunteer Humanitarians in the UK and USA

Rachel Humphris and Kristin Elizabeth Yarris


A Conversation with Phevos Simeonidis (Disinfaux Collective), 21 July 2021

Maria Nerina Boursinou, Pierre Monforte, and Phevos Simeonidis


II. General Articles

UK University Initiatives Supporting Forced Migrants: Acts of Resistance or the Reproduction of Structural Inequalities?

Rebecca Murray


III. People and Places

Adapting to Crisis: Migration Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Aydan Greatrick, Jumana Al-Waeli, Hannah Sender, Susanna Corona Maioli, Jin L. Li, and Ellen Goodwin


Reflecting on Crisis: Ethics of Dis/Engagement in Migration Research

Ioanna Manoussaki-Adamopoulou, Natalie Sedacca, Rachel Benchekroun, Andrew Knight, and Andrea Cortés Saavedra


What has Dheisheh to do with Doncaster?

Paul FitzPatrick


IV. Reflections

The Powerful (Vagueness of) Numbers?: (Non)Knowledge Production about Refugee Accommodation Quantifications in UNHCR’s Global Trends Reports

Ulrike Krause


V. Creative Encounters

The Crack Invites

Yousif M. Qasmiyeh


VI. Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Carrie Ann Benjamin, Heike Drotbohm, Johannes Gutenberg, Carolin Fischer, Witold Klaus, Alexander Kondakov, Annika Lems, Yelena Li, Nina Sahraoui, and Ioana Vrăbiescu


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