H-Mideast-Politics Seeks Book-Review Editors

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The H-Mideast-Politics is seeking review editors who will oversee the publication of book reviews for their network. The review editor should be active in the field of Middle Eastern politics, preferably focusing on topics relating to international relations, geopolitics, diplomatic history, security studies, political science/studies, political geography, and/or religious studies.


The review editor will be responsible for commissioning and editing book reviews which would shed light on diverse aspects of Middle Eastern politics. H-Net Reviews are governed by standards and guidelines for reviewing, which help to ensure that reviews are of a high quality and do not involve conflicts of interest. The selected candidate will receive a brief training with regards to the editorial policies of H-Net. A review editor is assisted by two professional copyeditors on staff who copyedit every review published on the network. H-Net handles all book shipping and mailing, so review editors can focus on commissioning and editing reviews.


H-Net Reviews has been publishing online scholarly reviews for over 20 years, and it is a recognized scholarly publication. Given its longevity, reviews published through H-Net consistently receive high Google rankings and pageviews, even years after publication, so reviewers can know that their work will be read far and wide.


Reviews are published to the H-Mideast-Politics network of over 1,400 subscribers, to the H-Review listserv of over 4,200 subscribers, and they are archived on the H-Net Commons. All reviews are published under a Creative Commons license and remain freely accessible indefinitely.


Interested applicants are required to fill out the Review Editor Application Form. For further inquiries regarding this call for review editors, please direct your questions to yelena@mail.h-net.msu.edu or editorial-Mideast-Politics@mail.h-net.msu.edu.


Pranav Prakash