Israel Studies Review (Vol. 37, Issue 3)

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The latest issue of Israel Studies Review: An Interdisciplinary Journal has published! This issue's special section is about the study of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.


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Volume 37, Issue 3


Editors' Note

Oded Haklai and Adia Mendelson-Maoz


Special Section: Studying BDS

Guest Editor: Ronnie Olesker

Diasporas as Audiences of Securitization: Jewish American Diaspora and BDS

Ronnie Olesker


The Palestinians, Israel, and BDS: Strategies and Struggles in Wars of Position

Ian S. Lustick and Nathaniel Shils


A Game of Whac-A-Mole: The BDS Movement and Its Fluidity across International Political Opportunity Structures

Naama Lutz


Explaining Non-Diasporic Mobilizations for Distant Causes: A Comparative Study of the Palestinian and Kurdish Struggles

David Zarnett


General Articles

Gendered National Memory on Israeli Postage Stamps: From Gender Blindness to Feminist Commemoration

Einat Lachover and Inbal Ben-Asher Gitler


Identity, Ethnicity, and Nationalism: The Rabban Yochanan Ben-Zakai Synagogue and the Sephardi Community of Jerusalem, 1900–1948

Reuven Gafni


Book Reviews

Nohad ‘Ali, Raphael Cohen-Almagor, Barak Mendelsohn, and Liat Berdugo


Film Review

Dana Masad


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