RESOURCE: Library of .slr files (to run user-delimited searches) for use with CBReader

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Dear colleagues,

The CBReader allows searching through user-delimited groups of texts, rather than the entire corpus. This functionality is a powerful facet of the CBReader's search capacities. However, I have found that creation of such groups can be cumbersome with the CBReader point-and-click interface, especially if the groups one wishes to create are very large, and not captured by the traditional organisation of the canon.

Delimitation of the target search group is handled by a file with an extension .slr. I have created a library of .slr files (which I hope will expand over time), and a Python tool with which users can quickly custom-create their own new .slr files from a simple list of Taishō numbers. Please see here:

I hope that these resources will be useful to other scholars, and enable more effective use of the amazing riches CBETA puts at our disposal. 

With my best wishes,

Michael Radich

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