Nominations now open for IASG executive board elections

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To the community of Islam in Africa scholars,

The Islam In Africa Studies Group is holding virtual elections for a new executive board in Fall 2020, and we are inviting our members to nominate themselves and others for the open positions on our board: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and two at-large members.The bylaws of the Islam In Africa Studies Group (IASG) require us to hold elections every three years, to elect a new executive committee. With the exception of our treasurer, and one at-large member, all major positions are up for election, as our Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and two at-large members are stepping down. We encourage anyone who is interested in serving on the board to nominate themselves for one of the open positions. All IASG members may also nominate someone else, whether or not the nominee is currently a member. To pay dues online, go to your ASA membership profile, navigate to 'Coordinate Organizations registration' in the left sidebar, and scroll down to "Islam In Africa Studies Group". Dues are waived for Africa-based scholars and students.

IASG was formed in 2017 and became a coordinate organization of the African Studies Association in 2018. The group was formed to promote scholarship on Islam in Africa and to address a growing interest in the field. We have sponsored panels, roundtables and writing workshops at the annual meeting of the ASA. Members of the executive board co-founded a listserv (H-IslamInAfrica) and built a website for the group with the goal of building connections between scholars in this field. New ambitions include directing a portion of our membership dues toward the support of research by Africa-based scholars and/or contributing to the attendance of Africa-based scholars at future ASA annual meetings. 

We are soliciting nominations from our membership via the Nomination Form. Nominations are now open until September 10, 2020. Nominees will be announced in mid-September, the ballot will be publicized to all IASG members at that time, and you will be asked to vote for your preferences by November 1, 2020. Because of the virtual character of this year’s ASA meeting, all voting will occur online via the SimplyVoting platform. A link for the election will be emailed to all IASG members.



Dr. Nathaniel Mathews, IASG elections coordinator 2020