CfP - Occhialì – Rivista sul Mediterraneo islamico

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Dear all,

I am forwarding you the Call for Papers of Occhialì an emerging peer-reviewed journal based at the University of Cosenza (Italy).

OPEN CALL FOR PAPERS “Occhialì -Rivista sul Mediterraneo islamico”is a semi-annualscientific journal concerned with  the  publication  of  studies,  researchesand  reflections  on  Islam  and  the Mediterranean. Active since 2017, it has promoted over time a broad discussion on transversalthemes from   different   perspectives:   historical,   linguistic,   political, economic, juridical, sociological, psychological or pedagogical, trying to represent the heterogeneity that characterizes its area of interest. For  issue  7/2020,  it  has  been  decided not to limit  the  contributions  to  a  specific theme, but to open it to the proposals of scholars, so as to leave an open space and cast light on emerging horizons of study and research. Therefore, essays, analyses and translations  concerning  the  Islamic Mediterraneanare  all  acceptable:  from  religious forms to histories, from institutions to languages, social movements, changes, cultural representations, migratory flows, in ancient times as well as today.The  articles,  written  in  English,  French,  Italian  or  Spanish,  must  be  sent  by 15 December 2020 to laboratorio.occhiali@gmail.comin a format compatible with the procedure of blind review: a file will have to include the author’s name and surname, email address, a short biographical note, title and abstract (150 words in English), 3-5 keywords; the other file will have to include the contribution without any reference to the author or to their known works that might point back to them. The articles, formatted according to the norms indicated on,   shall   not   exceed   30,000 characters including spaces and excluding the bibliography.

Please make it circulate among your contacts!


Michele Petrone (Université Catholique de Louvain)