Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam, vols. 47 (2019) and 48 (2020): publication announcement

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The Max Schloessinger Memorial Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of two volumes:

  1. Jerusalem Studies in Arabic And Islam 47 (2019)
  2. Jerusalem Studies in Arabic And Islam 48 (2020)


Table of content for Jerusalem Studies in Arabic And Islam 47 (2019):

Albert Arazi

Narratif et lyrisme dans la poésie arabe ancienne : le raḥīl et l’amour chez Kaʿb b. Zuhayr

Samuel A. Stafford

Constructing Muḥammad’s legitimacy:
Arabic literary biography and the Jewish pedigree of the companion ʿAbd Allāh b.  Salām (d. 43/633)

W. Sasson Chahanovich

Kissing at the Kaʿba: ghazal poetry and early Islamic conceptualizations of the sacred and the sensual

Omar Abed Rabbo

Was the Fāṭimī caliph al-Āmir bi-Aḥkām Allāh buried in ʿAsqalān? Following the recent discovery of his epitaph



Rachel Milstein

Houari Touati, ed. De la figuration humaine au portrait dans l’art islamique

Roy Vilozny

Ansari Hassan. L’imamat et l’occultation selon l’imamisme: Étude bibliographique et histoire des textes


Table of content for Jerusalem Studies in Arabic And Islam 48 (2020):

Ella Landau-Tasseron

Jihād and just war: overt and covert analogies

Marijn Van Putten

A Judaeo-Arabic letter in early phonetic
Judaeo-Arabic spelling: T-S 13j8.7

Beata Sheyhatovitch

The distinction between the general and the specific in Sharḥ al-Kāfiya by Raḍī al-Dīn al-Astarābādhī

Assaf Bar-Moshe

Ditransitive complexes in the Jewish dialect of Baghdad

Ibrahim Bassal

Biblical quotations in al-Biqāʿī’s Qurʾān commentary

Manuel Sartori

Sawfa sa-yafʿalu et sawfa faʿala en arabe écrit contemporain



Christoph U. Werner

Mimi Hanaoka. Authority and identity in medieval Islamic historiography. Persian histories from the peripheries

Kenneth B. Wolf

Christian C. Sahner. Christian martyrs under Islam: religious violence and the making of the Muslim world


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