New release: Thesaurus d'Epigraphie Islamique, Edition 2020

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Max van Berchem Foundation, Geneva


Conceived and directed by L. KALUS, co-directed by F. BAUDEN, developed by F. SOUDAN

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This project aims to bring together all the Arabic, Persian, and Turkish (or even in other languages) inscriptions of the Muslim world until the year 1000 AH, that is to say, the period usually identified as the Middle Ages.

The collection and computerization of the inscriptions began in the late 1980s, the whole Muslim world now being covered. Currently, the database contains some 49,500 cards that critically present the text of the inscriptions already published, while certain texts are presented for the first time. Inscriptions known to exist because they are mentioned in publications of all kinds are also taken into consideration. Many of the inscriptions are illustrated with photographs from the Max van Berchem Foundation Photo Library as well as from other collections. It is also now possible to consult the website in English (however the contents of the cards remain in French).

The database continues to be regularly enhanced and supplemented. Please take note that the database has moved to a new website address.