Jerusalem Studies in Arabic & Islam volume 46 (2019) publication announcement

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The Max Schloessinger Memorial Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of:


Christian J. Robin

Les calendriers de l’Arabie préislamique

Sean W. Anthony

Two ‘lost’ Sūras of the Qurʾān: Sūrat al-Khalʿ and Sūrat al-Ḥafd between textual and ritual canon (1st-3rd/7th-9th centuries)

Nicolai Sinai

The Qurʾān’s dietary tetralogue: a diachronic reconstruction

Ilkka Lindstedt

Who is in, who is out? Early Muslim identity through epigraphy and theory

Tawfiq Da’adli

Reconstructing the frescoes of Khirbat al-Mafjar

Livnat Holtzman

Gestures in the process of ḥadīth transmission: the case of divine hearing and seeing

Milka Levy-Rubin

Islamization of space and people: the case of Samaria in the early Muslim period



Michal Biran

Denise Aigle. The Mongol Empire between myth and reality: studies in anthropological history

Rainer Brunner

Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi with Maria De Cillis, Daniel De Smet, Orkhan Mir-Kasimov, eds. L’Ésotérisme shiʿite. Ses racines et ses prolongements — Shiʿi esotericism. Its roots and developments

Ali Ahmad Hussein

Anton Spitaler. Erste Halbverse in der klassisch-arabischen Literatur. Kathrin Müller, ed.

Norman A. Stillman

Maarten Kossmann. The Arabic influence on northern Berber

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