New Book - The Making of the Artist in Late Timurid Painting, by Lamia Balafrej

Lamia Balafrej's picture
New Publication: Lamia Balafrej, The Making of the Artist in Late Timurid Painting (Edinburgh University Press, 2019).
This book constitutes the first book-length exploration of artistic self-reflection in Islamic art. It reveals how artists used aspects of line, composition, and color to convey ideas about authorship, medium, and representation in Persian painting and drawing. The focus is on late Timurid painting, considered in a network of examples spanning the 1400s to the 1600s. 
Each chapter explores a different theme: the illustrated frontispiece as pictorial preface (chapter 1); writing on the image and the context of the majlis (chapter 2); image, mimesis, and potential world (chapter 3); the line and its calligraphic quality (chapter 4); the artist's signature (chapter 5); the mobility of manuscripts (epilogue).
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