Leiden Conference: Negotiation in Conquest: Wars, Treaties and Recollections of the Rise of the Caliphate, 12 -14 September 2019

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The programme for our 12 -14 September 2019 Conference is online:


The great conquests of the seventh and eight centuries brought under Arab-Muslim control an area that stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian subcontinent. Military conquests on this scale are remarkable enough; the establishment of a stable empire in the centuries that followed is even more so. How did a military minority succeed in asserting and maintaining durable political dominance over the diverse and dispersed territories of their conquest domains? In short, how was the establishment of the caliphate realised in the aftermath of the conquests?

This conference explores the dynamics of negotiation in the process of conquest and the subsequent building of the caliphate. How did the terms of conquest – the accommodations and agreements made with subjected cities, regions and their representatives – and the ways in which they were re-evaluated in subsequent centuries contribute to the establishment of short and long-term caliphal rule? In other words how were relations between the different stakeholders of the caliphate shaped by the experiences and memories of the negotiated conditions of the conquest?


Confirmed speakers

Michal Biran

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Philip Booth

University of Oxford

Michael Brett


Jelle Bruning

Leiden University

Simon Coupland

University of Cambridge

Corisande Fenwick

University College London

Timothy Greenwood

University of St. Andrews

Janneke de Jong

Radboud University

Nancy Khalek

Brown University

Doug Lee

Nottingham University

Milka Levy-Rubin

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ecaterina Lung

University of Bucharest

Derryl MacLean

Simon Fraser University 

Harry Munt

University of York

Annliese Nef

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Antonio Panaino

University of Bologna

Janina Safran

Pennsylvania State University

Georgios Theotokis

Bogazici University

Zhan Zhang

New York University