Blog: Embedding the Islamic Conquests from Egypt to Central Asia

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Dear friends and colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to the blog of the Leiden University “ Embedding Conquest” project, which focuses on how the Islamic conquests were consolidated in the diverse regions they reached. It is aimed at both students and scholars.

Recent posts include:

-Eline Scheerlinck’s imaginative exploration of what Arab conquests of Egypt meant for the average Egyptian villager, based on a Coptic document stemming from the Arab-Muslim administration.

-Alon Dar’s meditation on the social mechanisms of protection, both ancient and modern, including the fruits of our January 2019 workshop on “Acts of Protection.”

-Reza Huseini’s  anatomy of the arrival of Islam in Central Asia, and the new insights we can gain from studying the corpus of documents in Bactrian, a Middle Iranian language written in the Greek alphabet that was brought to today's Afghanistan by the conquests of Alexander the Great.

Watch out for regular future posts: