CFP: Roundtable on Trading Knowledge in the Global Middle Ages—AHA 2020 NYC (deadline soon!)

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We are looking to add a few more panelists before the deadline—please send abstracts soon—deadline fast approaching.
CFP: Roundtable on Trading Knowledge in the Global Middle Ages
Organizer: Joel Blecher
* How did knowledge—in both elite and popular forms—move across land, seas, and oceans before the onset of modern globalization? And how did the transmission of knowledge interplay with long-distance trade routes, flows of commodities, capital, and other forms of economic exchange?
*The proposed panel defines knowledge (and the mode of its circulation) very broadly. Of particular interest are studies of the transmission of textual traditions across multiple regions—e.g. works on medicine, law, literature, history, religious literature, accounting—as well as practical expertise and artisanal knowledge—such as bookmaking, metalwork, and architecture. Of particular interest are comparative studies of networks of exchange across the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean in the late middle ages, but earlier periods and locales will be considered as well.
* This roundtable will also interrogate the framework of "the Global Middle Ages" recently proposed in a thematic volume of Past and Present (Volume 238, Issue 13, November 2018), and how the circulation of knowledge fits (or fails to fit) within it.
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Panelists may be required to upload their final abstract to the AHA site before February 15, 2019, and must have a current AHA membership by this date in order to submit an abstract. The AHA annual conference takes place in New York City, Jan 3-6. Please indicate any scheduling restrictions in your e-mail.