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Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

Thank you for the tremendous response to my call for authors for the Routledge Medieval Encyclopedia Online. I am assigning entries from my editorial colleagues’ lists in order to expedite the assignment process. Some of you may hear directly from me about revising entries previously submitted to Medieval Islamic Civilization: An Encyclopedia. If you previously contributed to MICE and have not heard from me or a fellow editor about revising and updating your entry, then may I please ask you to get in touch.

If you would like to contribute and you have experience with any of the topics below, please contact me.

Please note in particular the addition of quite a few new entries from my editorial colleagues’ lists, including: History and Historical Writing (Arabic, Persian and Ottoman Turkish); Medicine (Islamic).

Ph.D. candidates who are interested in these entries need to submit their CVs along with the name of their Ph.D. supervisor.

I am grateful for your time and efforts to help make this project a success. I look forward to hearing from you. Please e-mail me directly (jwmeri@gmail.com)

Best wishes,

Josef Meri



Alcohol (1,500 words)* (Previous entry available)(x-ref: Wine entry available)

Baths and Bathing (1,500 words)* (Previous entry available)

Circassians (1,000 words)* (Previous entry available)

Courtship, Islamic world (1,500 words)

Dancing (1,500 words)* (Previous entry available)

Domestic abuse (1,500 words)

Elegy (Arabic and Persian) (1,500 words)* (Previous entry on Persian elegy available)

Family, Islamic world (2,500 words)

Festivals & Celebrations (2,500 words)

Folk Literature, Arabic (1,500 words)* (Entry available authored by Pierre Cachia)

Friendship, Islamic world (2,500 words)

Furniture and Furnishings (1,500 words)* (Previous entry available)

Heirs (both sexes) (1,000 words)

History and Historical Writing (Arabic, Persian and Ottoman Turkish)(3,500 words)

Hunayn ibn Ishaq (1,000 words)* (Previous entry available)

Jurjani (1,000 words)* (Previous entry available)

Juwayni (d. 1085) (1,000 words)* (Previous entry available)

Medicine, Islamic (3,000 words)(related entries on Medical Literature, Persian; Medical Literature, Turkish, Folk Medicine)

Muhammad, the Prophet (3,500 words)* (Previous entry available - 3,900 words)

Music (3,000 words)* (Previous entry available)

Rape and Raptus, Islamic world (1,000 words)

Shadow Plays (1,500 words)* (Previous entry available)

Sindbad the Sailor (1,000 words)* (Previous entry available)

Single women (1,500 words)

Social Status (2,500 words)

Sports (1,500 words)* (Previous entry available)

Surgery and Surgical Techniques (1,500 words)* (Previous entry available)

Technological Diffusion (1,300 words)* (Previous entry available)

Theater, Islamic world (2,500 words)* (Previous entry available)

Titles, Islamic world (1,500 words)* (Previous entry available)

Turkic Peoples (1,000 words)(Please note entry Turks available)

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