A request: Routledge Handbook of Muslim-Jewish Relations

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Dear Colleagues,

Good day. As you may know, the multidisciplinary Routledge Handbook of Muslim-Jewish Relations for non-specialists, which I edited, was published in June 2016. For further details about the Handbook, please see here:
In January 2018, Routledge will take a decision about publishing a paperback edition. If you teach courses in interfaith relations, Muslim-non-Muslim/Muslim-Jewish relations, Islamic Studies or Religious Studies and have adopted or plan to adopt the book in whole or part (It is currently available in an affordable e-book version), may I kindly request you e-mail Routledge's Religion Editor Ms. Rebecca Shillabeer (rebecca.shillabeer@tandf.co.uk) a brief letter supporting publication of the paperback? Should you wish to review the book for an academic journal, the journal book review editor needs to contact her directly. Thank you for your time.
Best wishes,
Josef Meri
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