CfP: "Armenian Society under Caliphal Rule" (Online Workshop)

Hannah-Lena Hagemann Discussion

The Emmy Noether Junior Research Group ‘Social Contexts of Rebellion in the Early Islamic Period’ (SCORE) at the University of Hamburg welcomes proposals for participation in the online workshop ‘Armenian Society under Caliphal Rule’, 7–8 December 2023.

This workshop will consider the social history of Armenia in the period between the first Muslim invasions and the establishment of the Bagratuni kingdom, i.e. seventh to ninth centuries CE/first to third centuries AH. Contributions will be warmly welcomed on any aspect of social history and its intersection with economic, environmental, cultural and religious history. Perspectives that draw upon the written word, visual culture, the built environment or any combination of the above will all be equally welcomed. Topics may include, but are by no means limited to, such themes as social hierarchies, government, church structures, labour relations, urbanism and ruralism, taxation, civic architecture, etc.

Confirmed participants include Stephanie Forrest (Cambridge), Tim Greenwood (St Andrews), Nik Matheou (Edinburgh), Leone Pecorini Goodall (Edinburgh/St Andrews), Johannes Preiser-Kapeller (Vienna), and Aram Vardanyan (Yerevan).

The workshop is envisaged as a focused event running on two consecutive afternoons (Central European Time), with papers being pre-circulated two weeks in advance. If you would be interested in delivering a paper or acting as a dedicated respondent, please contact the organizer, Alasdair Grant, at by 31 May 2023. If you are enquiring about acting as a respondent, please indicate which topic areas you would be most interested in responding to. If you are enquiring about delivering a paper, please send an abstract of around 250 words, accompanied by a brief indication of the background to your interest in and study of the topic. For more information on the workshop and subsequent publication plans, please visit or email the organizer if you have any further questions.