Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations Research Seminar, University of Edinburgh

Salam Rassi Discussion

Dear All,


I am happy to announce this semester's Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations Research Seminar at the University of Edinburgh.


The seminar takes place on Tuesdays, 16:10 GMT at the School of Divinity (New College, Mound Pl, Edinburgh EH1 2LX). The talks are online and in person. Those wishing to attend online should contact me ( or use the QR code in the programme poster.


The schedule is as follows:


31 Jan — Althaus-Reid Room  

Dr Nora K. Schmid (University of Hamburg) 

'Asceticism in Sermons of Kharijites and Islamic Renunciants’


14 Feb — Elizabeth Templeton Lecture Room  

Prof Andrew Peacock (University of St Andrews) 

‘Translating the Bible in Mongol Tabriz: Persian Manuscripts, Syriac Translators and European Patronage’


21 March — Althaus-Reid Room

Dr Neelam Hussain (Mingana Collection of Middle Eastern Manuscripts)

‘Manuscripts, Readers & Reading Communities: Tracing the Career of the Sirr al-Asrār through Time and Space’


4 April — Elizabeth Templeton Lecture Room

Dr Hilary Kilpatrick (independent scholar)

'What is al-Shābushtī's (d. c. 999) Kitāb al-Diyārāt (The Book of Monasteries) Really About?'


All best wishes,


Salam Rassi