Conference Registration: 4th Islamic Archaeology Day, UCL, 3rd February 2018

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Islamic Archaeology Day 2018

The 4th annual Islamic Archaeology Day co-hosted by SOAS and UCL will be held at the UCL Institute of Archaeology on Saturday February 3rd 2018 between 11 and 6pm.

We invite you to register online at There is an early-bird registration fee of £12 (£6 for students – limited to 30) for those who register before January 12th; registration after the 12th is £18 (£10 for students) so we encourage you to register as soon as possible! Registration will cover a sandwich lunch, refreshments and a wine reception.

There will be a dinner afterwards for anyone who would like to attend at a cost of ca £32pp (including 3 courses, plenty of wine and tip) so please indicate on the registration form if you are interested in joining us. We’ll confirm final numbers and the price for the dinner with all those interested in mid-January.

Finally, please do pass this onto others who may be interested in attending. Everyone is welcome!

All best wishes,

Corisande Fenwick (UCL)

Hugh Kennedy (SOAS)

Tim Williams (UCL)


Islamic Archaeology Day 2018 Programme

11-6pm, Saturday, February 3rd

31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY


Session 1 (Chair: Hugh Kennedy)

11:00     Welcome & Introduction, Corisande Fenwick, Hugh Kennedy, Tim Williams

11:15     Sicily in Transition: Assessing Islamic impact on early medieval Sicilians, Martin Carver (University of York) and Alessandra Molinari (Tor Vergata)

11:40     Archaeology of Early Islamic Basra, Andrew Petersen (Trinity St David) and Alistair Northedge (Sorbonne)

12:05     Urban Evolution in the Oasis of Bukhara, Rocco Rante (Louvre)

12:30     Buddhism and Mosques in the Indian Ocean. Islamic Archaeology in the Maldives, Stephane Pradines (Aga Khan)

1:00        Lunch (provided)

Session 2 – (Chair: Tim Williams)

2:00        The glass walls of Samarra: 9th-century Abbasid glass production, Nadine Schibille (CNRS –Orléans) and Andrew Meeks (British Museum)

2:25        Persian crucible steel: treaties and crucibles, Rahil Alipour (UCL)

2:50        Reconstruction and analysis of hard-stone vessels manufacturing techniques in Early Islamic and Mughal workshops, Elise Morero (Oxford)

3:15        Exploring agriculture and diet in Islamic and later medieval Aragon (north-east Spain): new archaeobotanical research, Edward Treasure, (Durham)

3:45        Tea break

Session 3 – (Chair: Corisande Fenwick)

4:15        Islamic and Christian diet in Medieval Portugal: an isotopic contribution to the study of social inequality, Alice Toso (York)

4:40        Maritimity, Islamisation, and Swahilification on Zanzibar, Tom Fitton (York)

5:05        Historical Archaeology at Fuwairit, a coastal site in Qatar, Rob Carter (UCL-Qatar)

5:30        Rescuing the Architectural Heritage of the Mamluks in Cairo, Omniya Abdel Barr (Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation)

6-7pm    Reception in SCR

7 :15pm Dinner (for those who have pre-booked) at a local restaurant


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