CfP The Business of Slavery

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Dear Colleagues,

Please find below a CfP for a September conference on slavery at the University of Nottingham. Contributions are invited on any time period, location, etc.

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The Business of Slavery

17-19 September 2014, University of Nottingham, UK

An interdisciplinary conference co-hosted by the Centre for Economic and Business History and the Institute for the Study of Slavery, University of Nottingham, UK.

Call for Papers        

Formerly enslaved persons and others forced to provide their labour have always made, and continue to make, an invaluable contribution to the economies of various societies; whether that be collectively through their labour efforts in a slave society, through the state, merchants, and others buying and selling their bodies, through contributions to households or small businesses, or through their independent efforts to sell their labour with the aim of freeing themselves.

This interdisciplinary conference will be co-hosted by the Centre for Economic and Business History and the Institute for the Study of Slavery. It aims to bring together assessments of the contributions of enslaved people to the economy of different eras and societies and from various perspectives, including the wider economy, the slave traders, the slave holders and the slaves themselves. It will compare these assessments over chronological eras and in societies around the globe. Papers are invited which discuss themes as diverse  as (but which are not restricted to); slave trading (including foreign and indigenous trades, legal and illegal trades), the economies of slave societies, the economies of the slaves themselves, (including hiring out), the use of slaves by freedmen and freedwomen, serfdom, debt bondage, prostitution, forced (including child) labour,  and from chronological periods as diverse as Ancient Greece and Rome, Medieval Europe, the early-modern Barbary States, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and the modern world.

We will welcome proposals for papers based on textual and non-textual sources, and from any discipline. Proposals for single papers, complete panels and round tables are welcome (please provide a cover sheet with rationale for a panel or round table. Postgraduates are of course welcome and may display a poster if they prefer. We are hoping to get some funding for bursaries for postgraduates.

The conference will be held at National College for School Leadership, Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham, 17-19 September 2014.

Closing date for proposals:  24th March 2014.

Please send proposals to Sheryllynne Haggerty, at