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Middle East Medievalists Dissertation Prize Discussion Robert Haug 06/30/2022 - 7:23am
Call for Papers: “Multilingualism, Translation, Transfer: Persian in the Ottoman Empire”, Gotha Research Library, 27–29 April 2023 Discussion Tobias Sick 06/30/2022 - 7:22am
Call for book proposals - The Ottoman Empire and the World Discussion Rory Gormley 06/15/2022 - 4:18am
Methodos 22: Argumentation and Arabic Philosophy of Language Discussion Walter Edward Young 06/15/2022 - 4:18am
Call for Book Manuscripts and Proposals - The Ottoman Empire and the World series Discussion Rory Gormley 06/15/2022 - 4:16am
Call for Contributors: The Routledge Handbook of Medieval Military Strategy Discussion Daniel Franke 06/15/2022 - 4:16am
California Rare Book School: Islamic Manuscripts Course this Summer Discussion Luke Yarbrough 06/15/2022 - 4:15am
Deadline pushed forward for Leiden Manuscripts Summerschool Discussion Dorrit Dalen, van 06/15/2022 - 4:14am
CFP: AMECYS Graduate Student Paper Prize--Submissions due Aug 1, 2022 Discussion Dylan Baun 06/15/2022 - 4:14am
Indian Ocean World Archaeology Conference - IOW-Arch **Call for Papers Extended** Discussion Hannah Parsons-Morgan 05/30/2022 - 10:58am
Jobs Discussion James Weaver 05/20/2022 - 6:07am
Jobs Discussion James Weaver 05/11/2022 - 8:00am
Online lecture: ʿAlid and Kharijite Revolts (17 May) Discussion Hannah-Lena Hagemann 05/11/2022 - 7:56am
AMECYS Book Award Announcement (copyright 2020, 2021) Discussion Dylan Baun 05/11/2022 - 7:56am
Call for Papers: The Perspective of the Countryside in the Medieval Arab-Islamic World: The Ninth International Society for Arabic Papyrology (ISAP) Conference (Fayoum, 6–9 March 2023) Discussion Andreas Kaplony 05/11/2022 - 7:55am
Summerschool on Philology and Manuscripts from the Muslim World, Leiden 2022 Discussion Dorrit Dalen, van 05/11/2022 - 7:54am
CfP: Gender as a Category of Analysis for the Study of the Medieval Middle East Discussion Zayde Antrim 05/11/2022 - 7:54am
Annemarie Schimmel-Foundation for Islamic Studies Research Award Discussion Regula Forster 05/11/2022 - 7:53am
Jobs Discussion James Weaver 04/28/2022 - 4:12am
Apply: PhD Scholarship in Islamic Intellectual History Discussion aydogan kars 04/28/2022 - 4:04am
Call for Sessions: Mary Jaharis Center Sponsored Panel, 58th International Congress on Medieval Studies Discussion Brandie Ratliff 04/28/2022 - 4:02am
Jobs Discussion James Weaver 04/14/2022 - 6:43am
Call for Submissions: The Textile Museum Journal, V. 50, 2023 Discussion Sumru Krody 04/14/2022 - 6:36am
Call for Sessions: Mary Jaharis Center Sponsored Panel, 48th Annual Byzantine Studies Conference Discussion Brandie Ratliff 04/14/2022 - 6:35am
Mary Jaharis Center Lectures: April 7 & April 12, 2022 Discussion Brandie Ratliff 03/31/2022 - 12:59pm