Myths, Memories and Economies: Post-Socialist Transformations in Comparison - international conference

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Myths, Memories and Economies: Post-Socialist Transformations in Comparison
9th Genealogies of Memory International Conference
28-30 October 2019, Warsaw

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The 9th edition of the Genealogies of Memory conference is dedicated to memory of relatively recent, yet turbulent period in the history of Central and Eastern Europe: the post-1989 economic transformations. 30 years after the initiation of the changes, memory scholars from across the continent will gather to analyze the memory sedimentation of characteristic – and often problematic – phenomena of the 1990s.

Topics for discussion include, among others, the key narratives on the period in question, their contested and consensual dimensions, cultural representations and current echoes.

Keynote lectures will be given by Johanna Bockman, Thomas Lindenberger, Adam Mrozowicki and Martin Schulze Wessel.

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Main organiser:
European Network Remembrance and Solidarity

LMU Munich

Institute for Contemporary History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic;
Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw;
University of Exeter;
Leverhulme Trust

Media partners:
New Eastern Europe

The event is held as a part of the '1989. Changes and Challenges' framework.