TOC: Journal of Romance Studies (Volume 16, Issue 2)

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Dear Colleague,

The latest issue of Journal of Romance Studies is titled "Portuguese film: Colony, postcolony, memory."

This Special Issue has its origins in a symposium hosted by the Institute for Modern Languages Research (IMLR) in London, January 2016. The symposium, 'Portuguese film: Colony, postcolony, memory,' aimed to investigate scholarly engagement with the colonial and postcolonial in Portuguese cinema.

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SPECIAL ISSUE: Portuguese Film: Colony, Postcolony, Memory
Guest Editors: Sally Faulkner and Mariana Liz

Portuguese film: Colony, postcolony, memory
Sally Faulkner and Mariana Liz

Lovers, not fighters: Left politics and brandos costumes in Capitães de Abril
Mark Sabine

Intermedial dialogue in A Costa dos Murmúrios / The Murmuring Coast (Lídia Jorge 1988 / Margarida Cardoso 2004): Novel, photography, film
Sally Faulkner and Ana Martins

Filming ethnographic Portugal: Miguel Gomes and the last taboo
Hilary Owen

Out of the labyrinth?: Television memories of revolution and return in contemporary Portugal
Alison Ribeiro de Menezes

Archives, memory and colonial resistance in the work of the Portuguese filmmakers Margarida Cardoso and Filipa César
Antônio M. da Silva
Conference and workshop reviews
Dominic Glynn, Katia Pizzi and Deborah Madden