To attend online: New Directions in Mediterranean Studies

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Dear H-Mediterranean, 

I am pleased to invite you to attend a research seminar hosted at the School of Modern Languages of the University of St Andrews: New Directions in Mediterranean Studies, which will take place this coming Wednesday, April 21, at 5 pm (UK time). 

The event is free but ticketed. Sign up here and you will be sent a link to the Teams event shortly before the seminar.

Mediterranean Studies is an increasingly popular sub-field of the humanities with the potential to connect a range of disciplines – from classical studies, history and anthropology to modern languages and literature. But what kind of geographies do we invoke when we talk about the Mediterranean? This ‘New Directions’ seminar brings together the following scholars in French, Italian and Medieval Studies to explore this question: 

  • Claudio Fogu (University of California Santa Barbara): ‘Mediterranean Imaginaries’ 
  • Sharon Kinoshita (University of California Santa Cruz, Co-Director of the Mediterranean Seminar): ‘Mediterranean Studies: Past, Present, and Future’ 
  • Ian Merkel (University of Leipzig): ‘Fernand Braudel, Brazil, and the Empire of French Social Science’ 

Claudio Fogu is Associate Professor of Italian Studies at the University of California in Santa Barbara. His research focuses on the formation of "imaginaries," namely, mental images detectable in discursive and image-making cultural-political practices that inform the formation of collective identities. His latest book on the role that Mediterranean imaginaries have played in forming Italian identities at home and abroad is The Fishing Net and the Spider Web. Mediterranean Imaginaries and the Making of Italians published by Palgrave, 2020.  

Ian Merkel is a cultural and intellectual historian whose work examines the history of the social sciences. His first book, Terms of Exchange: Brazilian Intellectuals and the French Social Sciences will be published by the University of Chicago Press in 2022. Currently an Erasmus Mundus Visiting Scholar at the University of Leipzig, Ian will soon embark on a fellowship in Global History at the Freie Universität Berlin. 

Sharon Kinoshita is Professor of Literature at the University of California in Santa Cruz. She has co-directed several projects in Mediterranean Studies, including a five-year University of California Multicampus Research Project Initiative (2010-2015, and four National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Institutes. Her own work in this area includes two book manuscripts in progress:  Paying Tribute: Old French Literature and The Medieval Culture of Empire studies vernacular French representations of and interactions with an imperial culture, distinct from that of post-Carolingian Europe, shared by Latin Christian, Byzantine, and Muslim courts. Medieval Mediterranean Literature explores new approaches to canonical and non-canonical medieval texts in the historical context of the high and late medieval Mediterranean, c. 1100-1400. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me (Valerie McGuire) about the event: